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Greci, Italy Cousins Site

Is a place where all "cousins" who can trace their roots back to a small city in Southern Italy called Greci can come and share information about their family's history. 

Much work has been done by different people so that the information on this site could be made available.  Nick Norcia, John Mazzarella, Jerry Boscia, and Dick Vara all have contributed information that is included on this site. Additionally, over forty other "cousins" also have contributed information. 


John Mazzarella's 1988 Visit to Greci, Italy

Everything you will see here started after a visit to Greci by John Mazzarella in 1988. He decided to make  copies of all the microfilm indexes of births, marriages, and deaths to take them back to Greci since the original records had been lost in a fire. In order to reach this goal he  asked for help from other "cousins" he connected with during his family history search. 

John Mazzarella returned for a visit in 2000 carrying three large binders, each contained copies or 100 years of birth, marriages, and deaths indexes. 


John Mazzarella's return visit to Greci, Italy  in 2000

The next part of the work,  the largest part and the part that makes this site what it is,  was the work of many years spent by Nick Norcia. He  translated and formatted the indexes for all the birth, marriage and death civil records for the years 1809 to 1910. 

Once the indexes were complete, Nick then entered all the data in a Master Genealogist program, which took several more years


John Mazzarella takes database of records to Greci in 2004

John Mazzarella then merged other information contributed by "cousins" into the database and in 2004 installed the program on a computer in the Townhall (Comune) of Greci, Italy.