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Semonella Family

Augustino Semonella was born August 24, 1865 and died December 17, 1938 and wife Maria Antoniette Capabianco was born1870 and died February 8, 1931. The Semonella family was from Foggia a city close to Greci.

Augustino and Maria Antoniette's children were James, Louise, Anthony, Joseph (Louis),  and Florence (Tereasa). The following pictures were to the webmaster of this site by Joann Semonella Marshall.  Louise Semonella was married to Leonardo Panella who was from Greci, Italy.

This is the wedding picture of Joseph James Semonella age 28 and Anna Louise Mick age 21.  They were married in March of 1934 in Akron Ohio.

The picture below was taken at a Easter gathering at Joe and Anna's home in Pomona, CA.  Everyone liked to play poker and smoke their cigars in the Patio in the back of Joe's house.  The year was 1965

Left to right - Oldest to youngest brothers: James Semonella and in the back row his wife Evelyn, next is Joseph Semonella and his wife Anna, next is Anthony Semonella and his wife Jerry and on the end is Louis and his wife and last Ardita (Pat) Louie Semonell and his wife Pat (they dropped the "a" in their name).

The picture above was taken in 1945 at the family home in Glendale, Calafornia.  Joseph Semonella is holding his son Gary.  The two girls Joann and Sandy are standing next to him.  

The cowgirls above are cousins Joann and Sandy.  Sandy is the daughter is of Louie Semonell.  The two brother Joseph and Louis families lived together for a while. This picture was taken in 1945

This picture was taken in 1942 in Canton Ohio.  Joseph Semonella was 29 years old and his daughter Joann was just one year old. 

Joe and Louis at Big Bear Mountain in 1946.  Louis is holding Tommy and Joe is holding Gary and Bradley is ready to throw the big snowball.  They are ready for a snowball fight with cousins Joann sitting on the rock and Sandy next to her uncle Joe.  

Joe Somonella holding son Gary with Joann 1946.

The two Semonella Cousins - Pamona Cal. 1946

Anna Louise Semonella with Joann and Gary in 1948 at Joann's First Comunion  

Joseph with the two cousins Sandy and Joann

This picture was taken at the family's summer retreat in 1956. Joe and Anna Semonella with Janet and Debbie.