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Leonardo Panella and

Louise Sommella

Family - Brothers, Sisters, and Cousins

Michael and Verna Panella (Twins) C. 1923

First Communion C. 1930 Verna and Michael  Panella

Esther Panella 1927

First Communion 1935 Antoinette (Anne) and Esther Panella

Panella and Meola Children C. 1930

L to R: Junior Meola, Gaton Meola, Mike Panella, Mark Meola, Verna Panella, Maria Meola. Joe (Buck) Panella, Anne Panella, Esther Panella

Cousin, Florence DioGuardi, Louis and Leonardo Panella, Esther Panella, August(Augie) Panella kneeling.  1944

Vernie, Anne, and Esther Panella; Easter 1946