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Bronx, New York

Sherry Pacelli Haddox's and Violet Milone's cousin, Todd Capron, sent them over twenty pictures taken at several years of the St. Bartolomeo Festival and Play in the Bonx, New York.

Todd's mother and Sherry's and Violet's Aunt Sally (Serafina) Pacelli and Great Uncle Matteo Domenico Gliatta played the Queen and King in the Play. 

These pictures are placed on this site in honor of Todd's mother. The picture below is Matteo Domenico Gliatta and Sally (Serafina) Pacelli. 

Prior to the presentation of the play and part of the festival was a procession of the people in the play down the street to where the play was going to be presented.

In this and the next picture there are a lot of individuals from the neighborhood.  Do you recognize anyone?

St. Bartolomeo Major cast members

The Drama - At the beginning of the play the Queen, the Daughter, and the King

The King's and Queen's daughter has "fits" and she is believed to be possessed.

St. Bartolomeo blesses the family and the daughter is cured.

The King, Queen and their Daughter become Christians. St. Bartolomeo is allowed to preach to the people.  The King's Brother and others do not like this new religion and plot to get rid of Bartolomeo.  Bartolomeo is brought before the King's brother and killed by being skinned alive and his head cut off.

The King and his brother fight.  The Queen tries to stop them.  The King kills his brother.

The Bad Brother is Killed

At the end of the play, Bartolomeo appears as the Saint.  He is carrying his skin and head over his arm.


Editor's Note:  My thanks to Todd Capron who was kind enough to let Sherry and Violet send me these pictures for our site.  We honor his beautiful mother who was the Queen in all these pictures.

If anyone knows the names of anyone in these pictures please let me know and I will add their names to the captions.