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Antoinette (Toni) Ferrante Niner Family

This is a picture of my grandmother Antoniette Scalzi and Grandfather Joseph Cucinotta. It was taken around 1928. My mother is on her dad's knee. At this time there was one more child yet to be born and three others died as toddlers.

My Grandmother Antoinetta Scalzi

I do not know much about my grandmother because I did not know her and my mum never thought to ask any questions.

The two pictures above are the only pictures I have of my grandmother.

Antonetta Scalzi was from Greci.  At first, I did not know where she was from, only that it was someplace where they spoke "gegher" and that it was near Naples.

A few years ago I finally found a census record that said she was from Greci, Italy.  I wanted to see where Greci was in Italy so I Googled it and that's when I came across the Greci Cousns website with all of this wonder information.

My Grandmother's mother died during child birth. My grandmother was here in the U.S. with her father Giuseppe Scalzi.  He came over in 1893 with his brother Giovanni Battista and Donato Giuseppe Nigro and Francesco Gervasio.

My grandmother came over in 1896 with Carosen Vara the wife of Michael Antonio Sasso, her son Giovanni Sasso and her daughter Maria Giuseppa Sasso and Matteo DiMinno. They were all going to New York.

Antonetta and her father ended up in Pittsburg, PA.  She married Giuseppe Cucinotta from Sant'Agata, Sicily and they had 17 children.  They settled in the Pittsburg subury of Oakmont.

My Grandmother passed away when I was 2  years old so I didn't get to know her.

Editor's note:  Toni added her grandmother's recipe for Easter Bread in the Recipes and Cooking part of this site.  She sent me a loaf of this great bread recently and it brought back many memories.