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Bow Ties

 by Violet Milone - this is the recipe for Strufoli. It's my Mom's

2 cups of Flour                                                                                                           2 teaspoons of baking powder                                                                                 1 dozen egg yokes                                                                                                    1 Tablespoon of Ice Water                                                                                       1 pinch of salt

Beat egg yokes first in a large bowl, then put all ingredients together, work it through while it's in the bowl, then place on board and knead until smooth.

Cover then let stand for about 15 minutes. Use rolling pin and
roll till thin.

Cut into long strips, make sure you have some flour on

Make a bow, then fry in I use Crisco, has to be hot, about 365
degree. Fry till lightly brown, drain on paper towel. Dough should be on the
thin size.

Heat honey in a pot, then I dip a few at a time, put back on platter.


We all remember these fluffy fried Bow Ties.  We may have called them by different names.  Some remember them as the left over pizza dough that our mothers or grandmothers fired and dusted with confectioner's sugar - Pites Frites or Pizza Frites. 

We might have called them Fried Ribbons.

Several cousins remember this "sweet" as ball of dough that was fried and then honey was dripped on them just before they were served.

There are several recipes but all are similar.  Some add sugar and vanilla extract and a little butter.  Maybe your grandmother or mother added a little zest of a lemon. 

Whatever we called them and whatever the slightly different  recipe we all enjoyed this treat.  

John Mazzarella