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My Great Grandfather Fedele Pirozzoli with my Grandmother Carmela (standing on the box) with her sisters Carosena (Rose) on the left and Maria on the right and Otto (Mike) her brother.

Pasquale Falcho (Fargo), also know as Patsy is the man in the top row on the far right.  Family history tells that he worked on the railroad for a while.  In the census records he is also listed as a quarry worker, farmer and laborer.    


Pasquale Falcho (Fargo) on a Harley Davidson Cycle.  According to family records the women on the back of the cycle is Marie. (this is not absolute). According to family stories Pasquale raced motorcycles.  The second picture on the right is also Pasquale.  The name of other man in the picture is know.


This is the wedding picture of my grandparents, Carmela Pirozzoli and Pasquale Falco.  Vincent Pancerello and Theresa Pancerello are the witnesses.

This is the wedding Certificate for Pasquale and Clara.  The were married at St. John's church in Bryon Wisconson. They were married on May 27, 1916. The two witnesses are listed as Vincence and Teresa Pancerello.

This is the birth record of Pasquale Falco.  He was born and lived in Foggia.  He came to America when he was a young man of about 15 years old.  His parents were Nicola and Filomena.

The above document is the Certificate of Birth of Carmela Pirozzoli who was born in Greci, Italy.  He parents are listed as Fedele Pirozzoli and Erminia Norcia. Fedele Pirozzoli was born September 24, 1869 in Greci, Italy.  He left Italy from Naples on November 13, 1902 and arrived in the USA on November 30, 1902.  He lived in Lomira, Dodge County.  He worked as a quarry laborer.  His first declaration for citizenship was dated November 7, 1904 and he received his citizen papers on February 12 1912 at Jaueau, Wisconson.

This is a photo of Carmela (Clara) Pirozzoli.  This photo was probably taken at her Confirmation.  She looks to be close to the same age of her marriage photo.

The pictures above are Rose Pirozzoli sister of Carmela (Clara).  The one at the left was taken at her Confirmation.


 Carmella (Calra) Pirozzoli                   Fedele Pirozzoli father of Calra

This is the wedding picture of Michael Otto Pirozzoli and Katie Schmidt.  Michael is the brother of Carmella  Pirozzoli who is in the third row on the far left. Carmela is standing next to her husband Pasquale Falcho and new to Pasquale is Carmella's sister Rose.