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Easter Cooking by Sisina Meola April 6, 1998


Pasta with ragu with meat (chicken or Lamb).

The most important was the prepreation of Sweets - Taralli which were made on the Thursday before Easter.


Spezzatino with cicorie of scarole and meat (chicken or Lamb).  It was made in the same was as descrived for 26 december for the Christmas recipes

Recipe for Taralli

  • 1Kg of flour
  • about 6 eggs
  • 100g of sugar
  • pinch of salt
  • about 4 spoons of liquefied lard (or oil)
  • 1 glass of more of hot milk

Mix the flour with other ingredients and work well to have a consistent compound. Add more flour if it is too liquid, or milk if it is not possible to include all the flour. 

Work for about one hour or until when cutting you see small holes in the dough. Cut a small piece of dough and thin with your fingers so you have a thread or rope about 1.5 centimeters long.  Take one end and form a circle press the end together with your thumb.  Cut the other end and form another circle.  Continue this process untill you use all the dough.

Put a big pot of water on the fire.  When the water boils add some taralli (four or five depinging on the diameter of the pot).

Stir slightly with a wood fork.  When they come to the top take them out and put them over a wood trivet or something else and leave to cool and dry.

When they are dry, put them in a warm oven.  In the past our ggggrandmothers worked one day to make 200 or more taralli.  These were eaten for breadfast for children for a long time.

In the old days, taralli were cooked at the public oven in the afternoon after the bread was done.  Women used to put the taralli into a big hand made basket make from canes and go to the public oven.  And what a delicious smell in the street nean the oven and all around the women when they came back home!

The same dough used for taralli was use to make specific figures for small children.  A basket for the boys and a doll for the girls with colored small sugared almonds over them.