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 Traditional Recipes

Christamas Recipes in Greci 

by Sisina Meola December 18, 1997

Hi Cugini,

I'm sending you the traditional food for Christmas.  I beg your pardon for the poor and sometimes difficult English (I'm not used to writing recipes, it is more simple to make than to explain and also in Italian!)

In the Old Days:

It is worth noting that in the past there was no electricity in houses. In the village there was more than one public oven heated by burning wood and straw.  Everyone brought their pan of potatoes and meat to the oven.  It was such a common scene to see women wrapped in dark shaws (no overcoat) going to the oven with a pan in their hands.  There was always a great aroma in the street!

Christmas Eve (24 December)


Fast until 11:00 am, then a simple breadfast/lunch with a salad comosed of roasted codfish, roasted garlic and onions and pickled chilies.


First Course - 

Capellini (like spaghetti but thinner, the thinnest kind) [Angel Hair          pasta] with eel sugo [sauce].

EEL Sugo [sauce made with eel] Put pieces of eel into an earthenware pan with copious olive oil and fry lightly turning them.  Add tomato sauce and let cook, eventually adding water as needed.

Add "Capellini" to salted boiling water (for each 100 g. of pasta use one liter of water). Stir from time to time and continue boiling for about five minutes.

Taste and drain, put the capellini on plates and add sugo [sauce]. 

The pieces of eel are left in the pan and eaten after the pasta.

Second Course -

Caulifower soup with eel and codfish

Clean and wash caulifower.  Cook in plenty of boiling water for about five minutes . Dry cauliflower on paper towel.

Fry pieces of eel and codfish in copious oil.

Remove the eel and codfish, and in the same oil, fry onions that you cut in small pieces.

When the onions take on a gold color add cauliflower with some of their boiling water.  Remove any fish bone from the codfish.  Add the pieces and eel and codfish to the onions and cauliflower.

Sweets - Petuat

Petuat is made by working boiled and crushed potatoes, water, milk and leaven [yeast] and flour into a dough. 

When you have a "liquid fluid" pasta put a spoonful into frying oil. 

Turn and leave until it takes a golden color. 

Put them onto plate and cover with liquid honey.

Christmas Day (25 December)


First Course -

Pasta with chicken sugo [sauce]

Sugo - fry pieces of chicken slightly.  Add tomato sauce and cook.  This sugo was use to "dress" the pasta.  Pasta was generally bought.

Second Course -

Baked potatoes with lamb or chicken.  Put pieces of the meat in a round or rectangular pan along with large potatoes. Cut potatoes into four parts. Bake.

Sweet Mushella:

  • 1 kg of flour of maize
  • 400 gr of grease [lard]
  • boiling water
  • 200 gr of sugar
  • 1 piece of leaven [yeast]
  • glass of milk
  • 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda
  • about 200 gr of fade grap

Mix the flour with boiling hot water, grease, sugar and leaven

Work well to have a quite consistent compound - leave it for one hour

Mix in the teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in a glass of milk and add it in.

Work it again and put in a buttered pan. 

Put the fade grape over it

Bake until done.

26 December

Spezzatino with cicorie and lamb or pork

Clean and wash cicoria [a wild vegetable that grows in the fields of Greci].  Cook in plenty of boiling water. Do not overcook.  Take out of water and dry.

Lightly fry pices of lamb or pork and add just a little tomato sauce and some water from the water the cicoria was boiled. Cook.

Lightly fry cicorie with garlic and add the broth.

Break three or four eggs in a plate, mix and add some grated cheese [parmiggiano] to have a quite consistent compound.  Put it one spoon at a time to cover the surface of the soup.  At the end, when the eggs are also cooked, add the pieces of meat.

Now the food is more sophisticated.


Sisina Meola