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 Greci Cugini Part 2 - Mirabella School Project

Dick Vara included a section on his site that recorded infomation from a project conducted by and for the students in the local elementary school. 

He included copies of some of the pages from the report from this project and also developed some of his own pages from the information from the published report from the project. 

I have decided to copy some of the original reports that were done by the students in 1986 and then add Dick Vara's copy in English.

Below is the cover of the report which was originally published in 1986 and then again as a book in 2006. 


Following is the Foreword from this . 'Giornalino a cur a delta Scuola Elementare di Greci' published in the School Year 1985-1986:

Mirabella chiama Greci

In January (1986) the Mirabella elementary school requested a meeting to learn about their traditions, folklore, costumes and their language. We welcomed this request with great enthusiasm and prepared for this appointment for two months.

The meeting took place on the 25th of March and continued in the places very characteristic of Greci. 

At this time the children and prominent people of Mirabella talked about Greci, getting to know the history and geography of our area, and some of the characteristic aspects of our culture, our music and one of our dances: the quadrille, performed in a musical festival.

We earnestly attended to the project and in the process discovered the wealth of our culture. It seemed right to gather all the material and make it the subject of a booklet so that everything that had been done would not be lost.

Many people outside the school collaborated in the research and in preparation for the performance and in producing the booklet. We thank the Mirabella elementary school that stimulated this research and all the people of Greci who have provided material and helped. 

We especially thank the following:

DiChiara Dino; Palumbo Ludovico; Boscia Raffaele; Panella Nicola; Panella Rachele; Mottola Luigi; Mottola Giuseppe; Martino Vincenza; Vara Antonio; Mons. Adolfo Colasanto; Dott. Bartolomeo Zoccano; the employees at the post office.

We also thiank :

the members of the administration council of Pro-Loco, the town administrators and staff, who hav had a decisive part in the success of the demonstration of March 25th and in the publication of the booklet.

Note:  John Mazzarella took this photo of the Mirbella Elementary Shcool in in 2004. As you can see the school was being remodled.  During my visit in 2009 the school is still being rebuilt.  It will no longer be used as the school but is now going to be offices for the different local groups in Greci. 

La Scuola Elementare di Greci

The elementary school rises at the foot of Mount Calvario.

The building is of fairly recent construction. It was built with two floors: the first floor accommodates the middle school, the second floor has been reserved per se'.

The school was dedicated to Enrico Zoti, an Italian hero of World War I.

In our school there are only five clases and the number of students gets smaller all the time. We have three sessions full time sessions and one teacher for support. La scuola elementare sorge ai piedi del monte Calvaio.

- By Bifaro Liberate, Classe 5a

Note -Mazzarella - In 2010 in Greci there just a few students (less then 12) and one teacher. 


The Territory of Greci

Greci is a predominantly mountainous town. It is bounded by the territory of Faeto, with Castelfranco, with Ariano, with the territory of Montaguto and with Orsara.
The most important mountains are: Mount Calvello, 921 meters high

Mount Miglio, 910 meters

Mount Rovitello, 908 meters

Mount Calvario, 850 meters

Mount Cervo, 804 meters

Mount Limpise, 781 meters.

- By Carmela Cicolese, Classe 5a



Greci is a small town that rises on top of a mountain. Its present condition does not really reflect the vastness of its territory. Its population gets smaller all the time. In fact it has only 1260 inhabitants because its people have been swept away by the phenomenon of emigration.

It is 823 meters above sea level. It is only 5 km from the national highway, which it is connected to by means of the provincial highway.


Greci is a town rich in water. The watercourses that flow through our territory are:

1) The Mazzincollo Canal, which begins at Melino Fountain, crosses the mountain, receives the waters of the Frascero Canal, crosses the Murgie and the Stonne, gathers the waters of the Rex Canal and of the Tresportelle Canal, crosses the Mazzincallo, joins into the Pecoraro River and into the Cervaro River;

2) Fontana Canal which begins at Difesa Bovi, joins the Fontana Difesa Canal, crosses the Quatine, Vigne vecchio and Sterporo and goes on to end in the Cervaro River;

3) Burento Canal which begins at Mulino Fontana, crosses Mount Colvello, the Porcine, the Bosco, Pezzo of the donne, receives the waters of the Covello Canal and of the Canciello Canal, at which point the name changes and the Burento Canal is called the Pudicello Canal, crosses the Ripitella and the Ischia and then into the Cervaro.

Mercati e Fiere

In Greci the market takes place on Monday along Carosena street. Many vendors come to our town and set up beautiful displays of all their goods.

On such days there is much activity in our town and there are many people because people come from the countryside come too. The livestock fair, a national type of fair, is held on August 25 at the time of the Feast of Saint Bartolomeo.