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Dick Vara's The Greci Cugini Home Page is no longer on the internet.  Dick was the first person to present Greci, Italy on the WEB.  His site was unique and it was great.  When Dick died his site stayed up until AOL deleted it along with many other family history sites. 

I have wanted to try to bring back parts of his great site and I decided that the first part I will attempt to reconstruct is Dick's translation of the following book:

Appunti Di Storia Cronologica Di Greci

By Sacerdote Gerado Conforti

Published in Napoli, 1922

Translation by Dick Vara -4-12-1997


Part 1 - Origins of Greci

Part 2 - Destruction by the Saracens

Part 3 - Rebuilding of Greci

Part 4 - The Feudal Era

Part 5 - Skanderbeg Expedition in Italy

Part 6 - The Coming of the Albanese

Part 7 - The Hearths of Greci