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They Left Greci...

During the great migration of families away from Greci the town shrunk from a community of over 2000 people to a small village of less then 500. 

Most of the individuals who chose to leave Greci, traveled to Cities in the United States. 

Another group choose to settle in South American countries like Argentina. 

Some chose to go to other countries in Europe.

A small group stayed in Italy but had to moved north to the large factories.

This section of our website is dedicated to all the citizens of Greci who made the choice...They Left Greci because...

Michael Barone's Great Grandfather, Leonardo Pucci

left Greci because he was not a land owner and he was not able to to find work in Greci. The family farm in Greci could no longer support the family.

The above picture is Leonardo Pucci and his wife Caterina.

The picture above was taken in 1918.  The family members starting at the top left is Maria Pucci, age around 10, next is Teresa Pucci, age around 13.

Bottom row is Caterina (Barone) Pucci age around 46, Next is Michele Puci, Michele Barone's grandfather  age 8, To his right is Leonardo Pucci, age around 51. He is holding Antoinette Pucci, age around 1 year old. She was born in Waynesburg, Ohio.

There was another family member Filomena Pucci age around 19 who came over with the family.  She is not show in the picture because she was already married.

Leonardo and Caterina brought the family to the USA in March 1916 and settled in Waynesburg, Ohio because Leonardo found work in the brick yard in Waynesburg.  Michel Barone thinks that Leonardo was working in the brick yard for many years before he brought his family to the USA.